St Andrew Youth Ministry is a dynamic community that intersects faith, action and service! Friday Fellowships, social service projects, retreats, Leadership Team, Mardi Gras Pancake fundraiser and involvement in our church is what we previously have been involved in the last five years.

Currently our “Quaranteens” are building Tiny Homes for the Houseless and standing up for Racial Justice. We hope to meet in rotating Pods of 10 youth this fall in our gym with masks and social distancing. 35 youth are currently active in youth group and 6th through 12th are welcome!

Contact Youth Coordinator Jess Chapman for more information at

Listen, Reflect and Act!

Don’t take my word for it, here is what youth have to say…

No matter the activity, the loving, open and fun environment is what keeps drawing me back. ~Rachel Hambuchen

What Youth Ministry means to me is that it is a community, where you bond with other youth in your church and volunteer, learn, have fun, and overall deepen your faith with people that are easier to talk to, because they are around the same age as you. ~Evan Lyon

Youth Ministry is a special community. I am always excited when I can make it to Friday Fellowships because the people are wonderful, the subject matter is interesting and important and the food is amazing! It’s eye-opening—I get to learn about people and places I didn’t know existed. For example, before the last Friday Fellowship about Bark, I had no idea how much the forest and their dwellers rely on the fires that we think are only harmful. Also, I think youth ministry helps me become closer to God because I don’t really take away that much from Sunday Masses. It’s understandable and relevant. With Youth Ministry, I am taken care of, but sometimes, I also am taking care of others and my surroundings. ~ Willa Larson

To me, Youth Ministry is a chance for the youth of St Andrew to come together and learn as a community. When we meet, we learn about God, and her vision to improve the world around us, all while having fun. In My opinion, Youth Ministry is special because we do it together. Thus, no matter what we do, whether it be serving at the Dining Hall or going to Mass on the Rockaway Beach Retreat, you know that we’ll enjoy it. And, in my humble opinion, I think God delights in our sense of community. So, overall, Youth Ministry is a sense of community and discovery, together with God. ~Adriana Bobenrieth