Your donations help our parish thrive!

One way parishioners live the mission of our parish is by supporting the community with weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual financial stewardship contributions. Each and every contribution makes a difference and together we fund our ministries and outreach services. Contributions to the Stewardship Fund go directly to supporting the parish’s operating budget. 

There are three ways to give – check out these methods herethank you

Donating online is an easy and secure way to give. Recurring donations are critical to our financial sustainability. Your recurring donations will allow the parish to budget and plan with greater certainty and ease. 


Why Parishioners Give

“It gives us the opportunity to share with and give back to our community. We love St. Andrew’s inclusive ministries.”

 “To be able to contribute financially to this vibrant parish is a way for us to express gratitude for being part of a community that  lives out our values and brings our faith to life!”