martha terrellThroughout her life, Martha H. Terrell was dedicated to helping people who were less fortunate. By her example, she instilled in her nine children a commitment to help others. In 2008, when the Terrell Family learned about St. Andrew Parish’s bold and exciting plans to rebuild and expand the Community Center’s facilities and its capacity to serve the local community, they wanted to help. The family provided the lead gift for the capital campaign, which was pivotal to its success. The Martha H. Terrell Community Services Center is so named for her to honor her legacy. The new center opened in August 2010.

The Martha H. Terrell Community Services Center Vision Statement

Community services at St. Andrew are firmly based on our commitment to being a visible presence of Christ in our diverse community. We serve individuals and families in need of basic human services. The center also provides a gathering place for groups and individuals. We extend a hand of welcome, help, hope, thanks and blessings to all. By doing so, we endeavor to make the word of God the work of our own hearts and hands.



In the Martha H. Terrell Community Services Center you will find: