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Our Youth Ministry Program for the English-speaking community is year-round and includes the following activities:

  • Friday Fellowship
  • Retreats
  • Service Projects
  • Community Building

Contact the Youth Ministry Coordinator for the English community for more information.

Youth Ministry Goals for 2016-2017

  • Provide community through service and spirituality in Catholic social justice teaching
  • Strengthen retention of High Schoolers by building a strong core middle school leadership group. Small groups to start soon!
  • Be a strong presence to the parish through announcements and liturgical service and to the larger Christian community in Portland
  • Schedule monthly social justice service projects  focusing on works of mercy, both corporal and spiritual
  • Build strong parent support with 6 hours a year service requirement, rotate YMLT parents to lessen burn-out
  • Build an accurate and up to date PDS and email list of Youth Ministry parents and youth membership list. Update as needed currently working on now!
  • Engage parish and multigenerational community through guest speakers and events with other ministries to Be the body of Christ