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Neil Kelly Auction

The Annual Neil Kelly Memorial Auction supports the St. Andrew Community Center and its many programs serving the surrounding North and Northeast Portland neighborhoods. The auction is annually scheduled for the first Saturday in November. The auction was initiated in 1973 by Neil Kelly, parishioner and Northeast Portland businessman and is the major fundraiser for the St. Andrew community. Auction goers bid on dinners, trips and high-ticket items at the oral auction; signup for parties, excursions and get-togethers, and bid for a myriad of items from toasters to paintings at the silent auction. A huge corps of parish volunteers solicits items from businesses and parishioners during the months leading to the November event. The auction, which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars since it inception, is a key community builder for parishioners and friends of St. Andrew.

St Vincent de Paul at St. Andrew

St. Andrew partners with the St. Vincent de Paul Society to fund and house Emergency Services in the Martha Terrell Community Services Center.  Emergency Services provides monthly emergency food for families in our community and assists eligible families with rent and utilities to avoid evictions or a ‘shut off’ notices. 

Evolving from a ‘delivery only’ pantry to a ‘shopping-type’ pantry, the food pantry in the facility presently helps more than 250 families a month with weekly service as well as two weekend pantry openings for our Mayan and Hispanic families.

We partner with our families to help pay the rent and keep the lights on.

An all-volunteer staff welcomes and honors all who come to our door.  If we are unable to assist with food or other assistance, we refer families to a variety of other services in the city.  The St. Andrew Auction ‘Fund a Need’ monies are also administered through Emergency Services to help pay for addtional emergency requests that we get.

Emergency Services is supported entirely from individual donations and checks made to St. Vincent de Paul/St. Andrew as well as from grants and foundations.  Food donors and vendors include:  Oregon Food Bank, St. Vincent de Paul Warehouse, Portland Fruit Tree Project, Urban Farm Collective, Safeway, Helen Bernhard Bakery and St. Cecilia Parish, among others.

St. Andrew Community Center - Making a Difference

Video from the 2014 auction.