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The liturgical life at St. Andrew invites broad participation in the Sunday Eucharist, Celebration of the Sacraments, Liturgy of the Hours and special celebrations. The Liturgy Commission invites full, conscious and active participation of all and prepares the liturgies that involve more than 100 people during the year. Members of the commission include representatives from the parish musicians, servers, lectors, ministers of sacred movement, greeters, liturgical environment and artists, catechists for Liturgy of the Word with Children, liturgists and Building Committee members.


Maria Fleming

Sarah Granger

Diana Ruiz

Art and Environment

The art and environment committee oversees the liturgical appointments used during the liturgy such as images, banners, quilts, vesture, cloths and covers, flowers, plants, furniture and candles.

Bread Bakers

The bread used in the Sunday Eucharist is prepared by a team of bread bakers.

Candle Bearers

This ministry is open to children third grade and above, youth and adults. There are periodic trainings and workshops for candle bearers.

Choir and musicians

Music enhances the Sunday Eucharist, the Sacraments, Liturgy of the Hours and special liturgical celebrations, and allows singers and instrumentalists to offer their gifts to the community. Six choirs rotate in their service to the community. Singers and musicians interested in joining the choirs are invited to contact Michael Prendergast, Director of Music and Liturgy.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Ministers of the Eucharist distribute Holy Communion at Mass and take the Eucharist to Catholic Christians who are home bound, in nursing homes or care centers and those who cannot participate in Sunday Eucharist. There are four teams of 10 people who rotate as ministers of Bread and Cup. Along with the priest, the server and three other Eucharistic ministers distribute the body of Christ, and six ministers serve the blood of Christ. There are periodic trainings and workshops for Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion and Ministers to the Sick and Homebound.

Greeters/Ministers of Hospitality

Greeters are the smiling faces who welcome people as they arrive at celebrations of the Eucharist, Sacraments and Liturgy of the Hours. There are several teams of greeters who rotate participation in this welcoming ministry.

Proclaimers of the Word (Lectors)

Word of God is proclaimed by a number of Lectors and they lead the General Intercessions (Prayers of the faithful). There are periodic trainings and workshops for lectors.

Sunday Collections and Gifts for the Poor

Baskets are passed through each section of the church. The last person in each section brings the small baskets forward to the ambo and the offerings are placed into the large baskets. (the small empty baskets are returned to the St. Martin de Porres Shrine) The second basket being held at the ambo is to receive non-perishable foods and toiletry items for the St Andrew emergency services and St. Vincent de Paul society. Additional food and toiletry items may be placed into the green barrels in the vestibule and at the South entrance to the Church.
Michael Prendergast CHAIR:
Michael Prendergast
503-281-4429 x12

Committee Members:
Fr. Dave Zegar
MJ Curran
Jerry Deas
Ann DiLoreto
Marilyn Fleming
Tom Karwaki
Carol Kelley
Tom La Voie
Catherine Murphy
Ingrid Parmeter
Michael Prendergast
Leo Remington
Jane Salisbury
Ken Willett
Damon Michael Williams