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This committee welcomes new members to St. Andrew Parish and assists individuals and families seeking more information about the parish or wishing to join the community. The committee makes a welcoming phone call to each new member and helps new members become active members of the community.

Parish Picnic

The parish picnic happens once a year on a Sunday of August. Parishioners from the 9:30 a.m. Mass and the Hispanic Mass come together for a Bilingual Eucharistic celebration at 10:30 AM. The picnic is held on the parish grounds. The afternoon includes games and a piƱata and a bouncy house for the children, and good company and conversation and community building.

Sunday Coffee and Refreshments

A welcoming cup of coffee, tea or juice and a sweet roll or fruit are offered by this committee following the 9:30 a.m. mass. Rotating teams of volunteers set up the tables and chairs, prepare drinks and food, prepare food for the sharing tables before Eucharist; then serve and clean up after the coffee hour.
Elizabeth  Weber CHAIR:
Elizabeth Weber

Committee Members:
Imelda Cervantes
Joy Wallace
Elizabeth Weber